As a teacher, my first goal is to establish the three essential elements of technique: intonation, rhythm, and tone. We also must build a strong foundation in note reading and music theory as well as enhance listening skills by incorporating ear training exercises into lessons. This will result in a deeper understanding of melody, harmony, rhythm, and form. Daily practice is imperative, and learning efficient practicing techniques will make the process even more fruitful and enjoyable. The most effective practice requires careful attention to detail as well as development of problem solving skills. Whether or not students pursue careers in music, they will benefit from the dedication that learning an instrument requires.

Establishing a student’s musical voice can take years, but the process begins with concert attendance and regular listening. These activities stimulate artistic growth and inspire ambition. Students must also learn to make musical decisions on their own, so I nurture individuality by helping students to form thoughtful musical opinions.

Guiding students in their musical development and watching their love for music grow is incredibly rewarding. By providing students with technical prowess and an understanding of the inner workings of music, I aim to bring out each person’s full potential.

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